Saturday, 17 September 2011

End of Summer

So the end of summer has arrived and as I start College as a nerdy first year, I look back on the past three months with a sense of nonchalance. I may have missed structure and learning but now, in true teenage style, I'm missing the freedom. So here are some moments of my summer I will never forget and the awards I would give them should this be the best summer moments version of the MTV awards.

Most Unexpected Night Out..... My Birthday! (Or more specifically, my birthday party!)
If camping on the beach with a few beers and a fire sound good to you then how about "Change of plan, lets all sleep round these hot tourists holiday home and get smashed?!" Oh yes, turning 16 in true style- the story of that night will go down in history with my friends and I as the most spontaneous and random night to date.

Event of Most Elegance.... Prom!
Prom was beautiful; everyone looked stunning and the weather couldn't have been better! Fake tan, new hair cuts and shiny shoes (that's just the boys!), all my friends and I had been dreaming about prom since we were year 7's, what average secondary school student doesn't? However the after party was not so elegant (but lets not include that in the award).

Night Out Most Like a Movie.... Lafrowda (which turned out like the Hangover)
Lafrowda is a local festival in St Just, the town where I live, which in the past few years has turned into a drugs fest, music festival in which people from all over Cornwall attend for the atmosphere, bands and music. It's the best night out in St Just all year and never fails to be a successful failure of staying sane, together and safe. In fact, the only successful thing about every Lafrowda is that we all just about make it home in one piece and having left most of the drama behind us. My friend Jeska represented Doug, from the movie The Hangover, as she got lost and we didn't find her until the very end of the night, minus all her piercings and covered in cuts and bruises from ending up in a field! Amy was Stu, the one who had the "perfect" boyfriend who disapproved of her drinking, etc. Bryher was Alan, absolute nutter! Enough said- she was in a world of her own. And I was Phil, because I pulled.

Biggest Family Event... Nottingham. 
Every year, my sister and I either spend a week in Portsmouth with my Uncle (and other family members from my dad's side) or in Nottingham with my Grandparents (and other family members on my mum's side). This year we went to Nottingham and the highlight of the week has to be The Riverside Festival! Although, due to my cousins not being older than my younger sister, I couldn't get drunk, pull a guy, heavily rave, and pass out in a hedge somewhere- but I really didn't need to. I had a great time, ate so many sweets, went on all the big, scary rides, and bought a huge monkey hat before watching the fireworks with my littlest cousin sitting on my lap. So even though a sugar rush was the closest I got to a high, it was still a successful trip.

Best Event for Music... Relentless Boardmasters!
This weekend so bloody amazing that I couldn't of even fathomed this much fun before this epic, mental weekend! You've seen the photo's and probably have a good idea of what went on, but I could not recommend more, going to a/any music festival such as Relentless Boardmasters. The music was brilliant! The friends I have met are, if not for life, definitely for next years Boardmasters. Although this isn't everyone I met, it's my favorite photo.

Most Outrageous Friend... Jess.
Jess and I have shared a lot in the past. Possibly too much, but never the less she is my oldest friend. However, at the A-Levels results party at Sound Nightclub especially, was the most outrageous, funniest, best fun person there! Although the reason she was most outrageous did also involve me, but lets not mention that!

Biggest Flash From The Past... Sound A-Levels Results Party (and a special congratulations for me for staying civil!)
I don't usually enjoy the nightclub scene because I'm more of a live band, mosh pit, indie music type. However, this dub-step/remix themed event was brilliant! Everyone was dancing like they had no inhibitions and drinking like it was their last night on earth! Everyone got along, there were no arguments and it was a truly unforgettable night. So why a blast from the past? Because I got the chance to have a good catch up with an old flame from before Christmas. I can't say I at all tolerate the fellow or the feeling of de ja vu, but it's always nice to be civil....

Biggest Disappointment... Party In The Park
It's always the same for events that have been built up to much. My friends and I had been "clucking" for this since before Boardmasters and had our tickets as soon as they came on sale. However, after the music started and the drink ran out (about 10pm) we realised our disappointment and headed to the dub-step, which wasn't exactly mind blowing. Sadly, we were home by 12am, which meant a swift exit to the bedroom from my coupled friends and an excruciating conversation with the other guests staying round. However, I did pull so not all bad!

Biggest Achievement... GCSE Results.
I won't blabber on about this for long as I have already bragged my results in a post. But said results did mean that I got into my required A-Levels in college and am currently enrolled in English Combined, Geography, Psychology, Communications&Culture and the Academic Academy. I've been there for nearly two weeks now and apart from the one and a half hour bus ride twice a day to get me there and back, it's proved a brilliant decision.

Most Inappropriate but Fortunate Place of Trust... Leaving Me Home Alone For a Week.
 Last year I missed out on going to Party in the Park because my parents dragged me on a camping holiday in Bude. So this year, being 16 and therefore an adult now, left me at home when they went to Newquay. They left me in the trust of the house, all their possessions, and a whole lot of food and it was the best week of my life. I had people stay after Party in the Park, and everyday day after that. It was like the house of Skins (of course me being Cassie as I have been told I look like her). It was the best way to end the holidays and start out independence before college- god help us we needed it!

Most Laughs... Munchies in Costa.
I'm not claiming to have any habit or appropriate influence on society, but this Costa visit with my good friend Jeska was worth it! We went from brownies and coffee, to crisps and ice coolers but it was the conversation that made it. After talking about "that perverse man standing next to me at the bus stop" and finding out he was standing right behind us in the queue (!!!) it set off a kamikaze of giggles. We explored the idea's of our fingers being various items of cutlery for our own benefit, and how it would put a whole new meaning to the term "spooning". We discussed how the giant mug looked like a mini mountain turned upside down (not the more logical volcano) and shared recent news of each others sex lives. Of course she had much more to say than I did. It was a meaningless and crazy day but all the best days are. It was significant in the way that it was our last day before we started at different colleges and became unable to meet up as often as before. We never fail to amuse each other.

Best One Off... Hot-boxing a Derelict Caravan.
Again, I'm not claiming a habit or addiction or that this is a smart thing to do and I do not wish to influence people. However, there is nothing better (in my opinion) that lighting up a blunt in a compact place and "in a pipe [flying] to another land" with a few packets of crisps handy for when the munchies kick in. Just preferably don't do it straight before work!