Friday, 19 October 2012

Shopping In Camden - Photo's by Poppy Mills

The moment you reach the main entrance to Camden market, you're hit by a cacophony of voices from the individual stall holders calling out new competitive prices. All attempting to out-shout their competitor, whether it be the stall selling similar clothing across the street, or a group of jewelry stalls flogging silver which remarkably resemble's tin or copper.
The dark alley's, with over head covering, resembles that of a medieval time (of course, if every other stall weren't selling iphone covers) and as I and my close friends make our way through the bustling comings and goings of the famous market place, taking Polaroid pictures as we stroll down the dark avenues, we laugh about how radically different this is from humble, old Cornwall.

Situated just north of Regents Park, Camden Lock has been known for it's markets since 1972, when old buildings in decline were sub-let to craftsman and once a week, there was a market selling mostly tradition crafts until the demand picked up and the weekly market was soon selling antiques, clothes and food.
More recently (over the past few years) the market has been opened for seven days a week, to accommodate for the demand from tourism and locals. It is also the recent home of London MTV.

On this day in particular, our concern was, as it is of most of Camden's visitors, to shop. To find the best bargain; to enjoy the best food; to enjoy the sunshine that had blessed our day out.

The recent promotion of "stay-cations" as opposed to vacations abroad in sunny locations originally seemed a little bit silly or overly patronizing to us "common folk" in an economic crisis! Or a desperate attempt to get locals putting money back into the economy; either way, it's proved a bloody good idea! I mean, who doesn't love a spa weekend or a week by the sea and away from the busy cities?! Okay, the latter doesn't apply to me as I live by the beach- but you get the idea. My friends an I were on a week's stay-cation in Reading, commuting into London for Shopping and to Redhill for Redfest festival (but more on that in another blog post).

I still stand buy that the best thing I have ever bought is a blue and gold pashmina scarf for £3 at the first shop/stall we visited in the old stables and you're sure to find me in it every other day of the week! (#bestbuy)

Lessons learned about shopping in Camden?

  • Don't dither when making a decision about what to eat. You will only get bombarded with Chinese/Indian/Italian tasters, which isn't so bad until the whole row of food establishments start yelling at you to "CHOOSE OUR FOOD!" 
  • Haggle like your life depends on it. There's nothing worse than comparing prices at the end of the day only to find out that plain tee could have been A LOT cheaper.
  • Spend at least half an hour sitting by the canal drinking coffee made by a true Italian barista (or at least that's the impression the tall, dark handsome man behind the bar gave off). 
Over all, it was an amazing day in the city. I bought lots; I ate lots, and laughed more than I had done in a long time. I'd recommend visiting Camden Market to anyone and only hope that next year I'm living there and attending UCL. Who's with me?! 
(cue cry of applause from self-confessed shop-aholics)
Peace out ♥ 

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Next Year's Bikini's.

Okay, so summer has only just finished. Okay, I should be happy and contempt with the bikini's I currently own, which have been merely a few months in my possession. However, over the next 9-10 months until next summer, a great deal of us would have turned 18. One - Eight. So I believe that it is necessary to dazzle with two brand new, beautiful bikini's from my two favorite bikini brands: We Are Handsome, and Victoria's Secret.

So, here are my MUST HAVE bikini's for next year, perfect for any summer antics and girly holiday's before university. 

Front :)
And Back
Cheeky ;)

Tad fuzzy but you get the idea
And the front.

Blog on Camden Market coming up soon!
Peace out ♥

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Inspired: Greg James

Ah, Greg James. Who doesn't look forward to the drive home from work or college to listen to Greg's new drive time show and kiss the stresses of day goodbye!?

Born Gregory James Alan Milward, in 1985 (making him 26, girls) - he studied drama at East Anglia University, where he was also manager of the universities radio station before rocking Radio 1. 

Since then he's gone from the early breakfast show (now done by Dev) to replacing Scott Mills' drive-time spot from 4-7pm; a change which has split listeners into a Twilight-like 'Greg vs. Scott-athon'. 
I'm personally, Team Greg. If there were T-shirts, I'd buy them; Mugs, I'd drink from them; Funny little 'Greg' face masks, maybe not... but you get the idea!
Thankfully, I'm not alone. In fact, I'm sure enough to say that most of the UK agree on a Edward to Jacob ratio that Greg's new position on radio is a giant success! 

Admittedly, I first became a fan of Greg James when I heard he was dating Ellie Goulding and realised that my favorite Radio 1 presenter wasn't the older intellectual like he sounded, but a younger, grandad-jumper-wearing, 'not-so-face-for-radio'... And that's when I really started being interested in Greg James' work and his ever-growing celebrity status. Now who could not be inspired by someone who started off as an average guy in University, to one of the most listened people on UK radio. Mind blowing. He's not only an inspiration to me, but to every teen wanting a career in any media in the future. 

I know that he has inspired my direction of journalism to music and events- even created a new aspiration of mine to be on radio (which admittedly was heightened by the appearance of a family member on BBC Radio 3 last Wednesday - Carolyn Smyth). 

Either way, I've been blabbering on about my idolisation of Greg for about five paragraphs too many so now  I'm just going to show you some pretty pictures of Greg.... 

[All from Google, please don't accuse me of stealing them because it's not like I can photograph him myself. He may be an idol, but I do not stalk him.]

Greg and ex, Ellie Goulding last year.

Greg at Glastonbury festival.

Just Greg.

Greg in 2009

Greg in the studio.
You can also follow Greg on Twitter and catch him on weekdays 4-7pm. 

Until next time
Peace out ♥

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

I'm sorry, Iove yoouu!

Just a quicky to apologise for my absesnce... that is if anyone noticed it. I've been busy with stuff and more stuff, which sucks.

Either way, I love you and I hope I didn't lose any followers (out of my adoring few...ahem)

Hope you liked my bucket list post.

Peace out! ♥

Bucket List.

I'm not going to pretend I have any idea as to why it's called a bucket list, or to have any interest in finding out.
[Urban Dictionary says it comes from the term 'to kick the bucket' - and there's a movie called The Bucket List with Morgan Freeman, aka, God].
Nevertheless, it's been the topic of conversation for a while so I thought it time I make one and naturally, publish it to my oh-so-many followers (ahem...) and perhaps encourage more people to make one and not just use it as a reason to call your life a failure, but to keep to it and hopefully complete it before we all, in turn, kick the proverbial bucket.

My Bucket List:
1. The obvious thrill seeking ambitions such as sky diving, bungee jumping, scaling a cliff face, parachuting, paragliding etc etc, they're all there.
2. To travel all over the world doing charity/volunteer work (I know, I'm a wonderful person).
3. To take part in a political protest (Occupy London/Wall Street).
4. Learn to play the guitar.
5. Take off, completely spontaneously, on a holiday to a random destination.
6. Do a karaoke version of Twist & Shout by The Beatles.
7. Spend at least a year of my life with dreadlocks.
8. Succeed in giving something up for lent.
9. Buy a duck. Call it George
10. Go fly fishing and wear the over sized waders.
11. Learn how you use a gun. Go to a shooting range
12. Swim a long distance in a sea somewhere.
13. Take self-defence classes
14. Teach English in a foreign country
15. Attend at least 100 different festivals around the world
16. Take Jazz or Salsa lessons... or both
17. Go snorkeling in a ship wreck
18. Learn to scuba dive
19. Swim with sharks
(you get the idea, lots of sea/underwater related things)
20. Learn to fly a plane.
21. Have a picnic in a hot air balloon
22. Climb one of the tallest trees in a rain forest. DO th Tarzan call from the top.
23. Race in a sports car against a professional racing driver
24. Be homeless for a night. Bum on the streets
25. Ride the top ten scariest (but safest) roller coasters in the world
26. Give blood
27. Cover myself in glitter and run around a forest with my friends. (like a fairy, not a vampire)
28. Join the paparazzi and try and get a picture of someone famous
29. (under the condition of sufficient funds) Go to the moon with Virgin
30. (under the condition of sufficient funds) Go on a zero-gravity flight
31. Swim with Dolphins
32. Meet an African tribe on Safari, learn their cultural dance.
33. Buy a parrot, teach it how to talk
34. Save a life (human or animal... and sorry, insects don't count)
35. Read all the books on that list of mine (see previous blog post)
36. Visit all the top "must-see" places, like the Grand Canyon, The Northern Lights etc etc
37. Visit all the top "must-see" building/monuments (including museums)
38. Attend Rio De Janiero's Carnival (and Venice's)
39. Ride the subway (simple, but I've never done it)
40. Learn how to play poker. Win.
41. Learn lots about astronomy and impress people.
42. Offer free hugs on the street in the middle of the day (at night could prove a little suspicious)
43. Solve a Rubik's cube (without cheating)
44. Successfully keep a diary for a year.
45. Find something interesting to collect (Star Wars or Harry Potter memorabilia doesn't count)
46. Spend a weekend just watching old classic movies on tape.
47. Start a bad habit... just to give it up.
48. Give all my clothes to charity, buy new ones.
49. Make it to university
50. Graduate from university with a first.
51. Get to 100 on my bucket list.
52. Visit the seven wonders of the world
53. Try drinking a glass of water upside-down to stop hiccups
54. Have enough money to be satisfied for at least a 6month period
55. Own several designer outfits, shoes and jewellery to match.
56. Own a Sex in the City style apartment to live in
57. Successfully keep a plant in my house/bedroom and look after it
58. Go on a "Eat Pray Love" holiday
59. Don't work until the day I die. Give it up and live simply.
60. Buy a poodle/small dog. Call it Foofie
61. Start (and finish!!!) writing a book.
62. Star in a commercial
63. Be part of the jury in a court case
64. Play the jelly bean game
65. Celebrate Thanksgiving in America
66. Be hypnotised
67. Do a Ouija board
68. Go to a masquerade ball
69. Get in a taxi and yell "FOLLOW THAT CAR"
70. Own dictionary toilet paper
71. Eat hospital food
72. Eat frogs legs/snails in France
73. Rent a real diamond, Elizabeth Taylor style necklace for a day (preferably, wedding day)
74. Go on a date with a woman.
75. Invent something cool using only appliances available in the house
76. Spend all day in a library
77. Fast for Yom Kippur (25 hours)
78. Jump from the top diving board at a swimming pool
79. Successfully use a fake ID (only a year left to do this!)
80. Celebrate happy hour in a bar/night club/pub
81. Write a song and sing it to a group of people
82. Go busking (after learning to play the guitar- see number 4)
83. Interview someone famous
84. Buy a ludicrous gadget which you'll never use (like a top of the range food dicer)
85. Have a glitter bath
86. Complete a game on my phone (such as bubble popper or doodle jump)
87. Sit on a cloud
88. Run a marathon (it had to come somewhere on the list)
89. Spend a week saying yes to everything everyone asks you (within reason, of course)
90. Play spin the bottle properly
91. Become a goth for a while
92. Bring all my friends back a gift from holiday (I know, I'm shocking for never doing this)
93. Have a fat suit made especially for me
94. Drink the death drink. Don't chunder.
95. (Getting excited) Stop saying chunder
96. (Just four more to go) Create a new word, use it all the time
97. (Three more to go) Smile more
98. (How did I think of 98 things?) Give up my phone for a year. People can contact me some other way
99. (WOW) Get an (or several) articles published in a magazine.
100. (Good God I made it) To have 100 followers on my blog by the day I die

So there it is. It took a while, and I had a little bit of help from friends and good ol' Google!
I also want to mention some things that would be on my bucket list, had I not already done it (aka, I want to brag).
Skinny dipping at midnight
Visiting Sydney Oprah house and bridge
Visiting South Korea (I joke, of course... but it happened)
Sex on the beach (I mean the drink.... ahem)
Create a blog
Become a super hero for the day
Stop smoking
Make an autobiography (which I suppose I can do later on, again... or add to the original)

And I think that's about it. Hope you enjoy reading about my wacky aspirations and I hope it helps anyone else making their bucket list.

Peace Out <3

...Here are some cool pictures I found on Google (don't sue me, I'm cute!)

Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Wow. A whole year of expectations and fulfilment's, love and disappointment and possibly the best year so far.

It's been a year since I started on the path of bloggism, and I haven't looked back. So much has happened in one year, and so much is planned for this. I distinctly remember my first post in January 2011, talking about all my plans and expectation of the year ahead. As for reality? Amazing. I had so much fun and learnt so many lessons. I've grown up in many ways, and grown down in many more. There have been ups and downs and so many new experiences, from nights out to starting college. It's been a roller coaster.

However, ever the forward thinking person that I am, (ahem...) let's look to the future: 2012. Supposedly the last year before the end of the world as we know it! But not before we go out in style! The suspected hottest summer on record and all the festivals that go with it.
Also, long awaited Olympics which, Olympian turned Chairman, Sebastian Coe, predicted it will be a "catalyst for change" and "will be all about change for the better, not only for our sportsmen and women, but for the country as a whole."
I haven't made a list of things to do every month this year, I'm too worried I'm not going to keep to it because of college. There's also no sign of a New Years Resolution because I'd just be setting myself up for failure and I think it's about time I accepted how bad I am at being good.

Definite plans for this year include Boardmasters, a possible shopping weekend in London, a holiday in Crete and lots and lots of gigs and parties. Let the next year of blogging begin!
Peace out <3

Monday, 16 January 2012

Dedicated to Lucinda Diamond - More than a Moustache.

Life coach.
Forever the insane beauty.
Lucinda, born 27 October, 1994, is nothing short of an amazing human being. In the 5 years we've been friends and the 6 years I've know her, Lucinda has never bowed down the rules of a mainstream childhood, nor ever acted anything less than a intelligent minded adult. But to say that reflects her personality would be wrong, because first and foremost, Lucinda is a joy.

Lucinda's quirky fashion and wacky frame of mind is everything her friends and I love about her and I dedicate this entire post to her influence. Currently wearing a blue spotted dress and black boots with her velvet black blazer, I realise I haven't complimented her today, so her it is, online for the world to see!

Witnessing her drama performance brought a side to Lucinda I'd never been privileged enough to witness in the past: her amazing talent for acting and ability to scare me half to death as a gorilla.

I've chosen to ignore anything negative Lucinda perceives of her recent life because I believe it's her positivity that drives her. Her most recent advise given to me is to live for yourself. If someone is bringing you down, they're not healthy to have around- advise I plan to put into action asap!

Assuring you this is a post to express my love for Lucinda in the least lesbian way possible and warning anyone out there who should meet her in the future not to take for granted such an amazing, wacky person.

Friend. Life coach. Forever an insane beauty.
Lucinda Diamond (as written by Hope Smyth)
Peace out. ♥

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Inspired: Olivia Lopez.

The 19 year old model and fashion icon should be an inspiration to every aspiring teen with dreams of entering the fashion world. The Caravan is an online store selling a rage of gorgeous and affordable vintage clothing; based in America, the only variable stopping me buying every skirt, jumper and pair of glasses is the cost of post & packaging as they're solely based in the US. Olivia, if you're reading this (yeah right!)- set up a base in the UK!

It's every girls dream to make a living of being beautiful and business-like, and that's the exact reason why Olivia Lopez is my inspiration of the moment.

In an interview with The Fashion Society, the model, who first started modelling at the age of 14, is described as "hyped", "quirky" and that they "can't get enough of her refreshing style always sharply contrasts with her laid-back Southern Californian roots" -so what's not to love?! She's a frantic, successful blogger and claims her inspiration from "people whose style aren't too construed and thought out-everyday people with confident swagger." ... Oh, and Christian Dior's Spring 2010 (who can really blame her?!). She also admitted drawing inspiration from Zooey Deschanel, who I've recently been obsessed with so double thumbs up!

However, Olivia isn't just another American school girl living her dream. In the interview with The Fashion Society she states that her modelling is merely a hobby and after high school, she hopes to leave home and go to college, studying Political Science, International Business and English/Literature! To extremely contrast her clear intelligence, and reflect on the recent pandemic of cliches infecting many of my college peers, I would say I am "Well Jel." (To those who failed to notice that reference, I am not a fan of The Only Way Is Essex).

Her blog, "I've got a lust for life" is based on her life and inspirations. suggested her to be a "muse in the making" and that she "lives by the 'be your own muse' philosophy" and that she can thank her self belief for her success so far. I very much agree with the article's interpretation of her unique 60's fashion. Her "mix-and-match style is a fresh revival to the hippie era" and "she has a knack for making vintage pieces chic, timeless, yet laidback." Well said.

More recently, Olivia has starred in the campaign video for the Olsen twins 'Olsenboye' Spring collection for JCPenny (below). In the video, Olivia talks about what inspires her while promoting the Olsen's beautiful 60's clothing.

As I sit here planning this post as I write- lost in a sea 'pinned tabs' of various interviews and photo shoots by the head-spinningly chic teen that I've uncovered after days of surfing the net- I struggle to conclude her life so far. Perhaps this is due to Olivia's apparent endless popularity growth and success in the fashion world and never-ending list of inspired teens and adults alike. So less of a conclusion and more of a 'till-next-time, who knows what else Olivia has planned in her quirky, 60's world- but I wish her the best with it all. One can only hope to achieve half the success she has through her blogging. So in the wise words of Olivia Lopez and 
Karl Lagerfeld:  Personality begins where comparison ends. >Be your own muse!

A selection of my sea of references:
LustForLife- Olivia Lopez' blog.
La Societ de Mode (The Fashion Society)
Teen Vogue Fashion Blogger
The Caravan

Extra photo's:
I love this sweet, girly look created with delicate creme tones
and soft/lace fabrics. 
60's styled turtle neck, bold colours and John Lennon
styled glasses- what's not to love?
All from: The Caravan. 
Show me a girl who wouldn't kill to wear this outfit!
Such a stunning jacket.

Every girl needs a statement leather skirt like this one.
I love how it's been teamed with a sexy blouse and sun hat.
The Fashion Society
"Punk Rock Ruined Me".... Punk rock ruined every angel.
I love this shoot because it reminds me of scenes from Grease
or other old 60's movies.
"Pretty woman, walking down the street..." enough said?
The Fashion Society

...Until next time, peace out ♥

Friday, 6 January 2012

Top 10 Female Idols.

10. - Olivia Lopez. Just 19 years old, she has just set up an online shop selling vintage clothes and accessories, of which she mostly models for. (

9. - Hannah Murray. Played Cassie in Skins in 2007 and has since also featured in Chat Rooms and appeared on West End in the production That Face.
8. - Zoeey Deschanel. First fell in love with her in Elf as the blonde shop worker Buddy fell in love with. Since then she’s become brunette and is the main character of her own sitcom, New Girl.
7. - Vivienne Westwood. Does this phenomenon need an explanation?! Designed the clothes for The Sex Pistols and helped accelerate the punk rock era. Still a world famous designer and inspiration to all for her wacky and unique style.
6. - Hayley Williams. Paramore ♥ This red head rock chick is a role model for all the indie/scene/”hipster” kids out their. Even hipsters aspire to someone else.
5. - Taylor Momsen. Wow. There’s not much more that can be said about Taylor. A Gossip Girl sweetheart to a druggy front of one of my favorite bands, The Pretty Reckless.
4. - Carey Mulligan. I’m honest enough to admit I was once a fan of Doctor Who, and when Carey starred in the scariest episode to date; Blink. (I will never grow fearless of those statues). An Education is my favorite movie and I cannot wait to go and see Shame.
3. - Alexa Chung. Individual style, successful career and drop dead gorgeous, is there anything bad about Alexa?! No. No there isn’t. Every girl would love to boast contributing editor at British Vogue or TV presenter or model (just one of them will do). She’s also scheduled to host the 24 hour catwalk in America this year.
2.- Keira Knightley. Started her career as an actress and has more recently become the face of Coco Chanel Mademoiselle. Known best for her period dramas (including the her touching performance in The Duchess and playing Elizabeth in Pirates of the Caribbean). She’s also dating The Klaxons lead singer, James Righton. I’m not sure who I’m more jealous of…
1. - Fearne Cotton. Tadaaah! What a surprise, Fearne Cotton is still my festival going, radio DJ-ing idol! I’ve religiously watched every single episode of ‘Fearne and…’. (Mischa Barton narrowly missed my top ten list herself) and even have a tweets sent to my phone!! Fearne also has her own style line with Very and one has to admire her fitness as she runs 5km three times a week (thank you wiki!) and has ran several marathons in her time.