Sunday, 22 May 2011

"The Movies" Party

It's been much debate over what I'm going as to my friends joint sweet 16- which has the theme "The Movies".
The original plan was to go as Marilyn Monroe in a pleated white dress; but as pleated white dresses are hardly the focus of fashion at the moment it would mean wasting money on an awful costume one, made ideally, for transvestites; so you see my problem.
The next plan was to go as Jenny Miller from An Education as I found, and fell in love with, a dress similar to one of hers.
However, me being the rediculous shop-a-holic that I am, spent the funds for that dress on other "neccesities" such as a bag; a coat; a pair of casual heels; and underwear. Tut tut tut to me!
All of this amounts to and complicates the following outcome: I have nothing to wear!

Two days on and I'm frantically trying to find a movie that would require me wearing palazzo trousers from BooHoo.

These stunners are £22,  Boohoo
These equally as beautiful one's are £20, Boohoo

Apologies for the pixilation- these are £24 from New Look
Decisions, Decisions!

Knowing me I will probably go for the New Look dress and go as Jenny from An Education! Sadly that dress isn't yet on the New Look Website so I can't post a picture until I've bought it.

Just thought you'd like to know of my little dilemma!
LOVES! xxx

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Shoe Shopping!!

I've been doing some serious shoe shopping recently and this season is looking HOT for casual heels! I've checked out Office, Top Shop and Dorothy Perkins websites; scouting for some summer shoes that one has to *LOVE*

Boy, is Office coming into it's own! I've been avoiding revision [slap on the hand] by going through their website today and these are my *LOVES* - All heels I'm afraid because I'm on a Summer Casual Heel Hunt and my wish list on this site is a mile long!

[Office Been All Over Jade Leather]
These Beaut's are just £35!!
[Office The Look Shoe Dark Red Suede]
A hefty £88 but Oh!So! worth it.
[Office West-End Wedge Denim Canvas]
It's all about the alliteration for these £43 baby's!
[Office Madagascar Bright Multi LT]
I heart with a black maxi and matching jewelery! £85.

[Office Menna Bow Sandal Blue Multi Canv]
You can't get much hotter than this and for £80 you
won't get much hotter wearing them!!
Top Shop have become my favourite shop this summer! I seem to fall in love with EVERYTHING in there, but who can blame me? They are amazing! Everyone knows they're really top-end high-street which really pushes the prices but I'm here to prove the shoes are so worth it!
[Sakura Coral Suede Platform Court Shoes]
Statement colour for that 50's/60's feel- £62
Can't you just visualise the with bright blue tights and a TINY skirt?!

[Lacrosse Blue Suede Cross Strap Sandals]
Move over Elvis! These blue suede shoes are my new *LOVE*

[Loretta Pink Bow Platform Sandals]
I tried these on in Top Shop just the other week and it was like
walking in heaven! (And that's not just because of the height)

[Lois Pink Suede Knot Detail Platform Sandals]
Although they're not red; these Conservative platforms supplement perfectly
to create a sexy, edgy look £65

[Williams Red Stripe Espadrille Wedges]
If you're one of those people who wear heels everywhere (I know I am)
 then these are perfect for the beach!
Connected to Top Shop, Dorothy Perkins have spot-on style and serious quality but FOR CHEAPER!!! My friend recommended some of these because she works in the shoe section in Penzance (Cornwall, UK etc etc)- Lucky so-and-so!
[Taupe Block Heel Court Shoes]
Nude is one shade worth lusting over this year and
these beaut's fit the summer bill PERFECTLY £42

[Coral Platform Sandals]
Ohhhh... Now these are a specimen to get excited over...
I think my red shoe mission is over £39

[Tan Floral Platform Sandals]
They're high. They're clumpy. They're colourful. They're soooo this season!
And soooo this season costs a measly £42

[Leopard Platform Court Shoes]
You have to me insane NOT to be a sucker for leopard print and
these are such a mimic of the pattern from Top Shops winter collection.
I heart! £35

[Mink Corsage Trim Sandals]
Okay, so they're hardly day wear but they're my prom shoes so I felt
obliged to include them! £30

[Mustard Platform Sandals]
MUSTARD MAYHEM is such a turn on! I sense a black maxi
or floral jumpsuit! Who's with me for £40?

[Black Peep Toe Wedge Shoes]
There's something so elegant about these wedges and
any opportunity to be elegant in wedge is a must!

[Red Sling Back Platform shoes]
If I said my red shoe mission was over before then I've just hit a dilemma
because these are just as amazing!! £28.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Gillian Zinser Pics

After yesterday's manic sprout of jealousy of Gillian Zinser (who of which I have now followed on Twitter) I used some spare internet time to find more photo's of her style and fashion to post :) I hope you liiiike!

P.S: "Boardmasters**" represents Relentless Boardmasters- I'm going along this summer and NEED some outfit ideas so that's absically what that is, ideas for Boardmasters.

Rocking out with a denim jacket and amaaaazing sunnies!

Who knew Gillian could be girly?!

Possibly my favourite outfit! Boardmasters**
For those who havn't seen it before, there's a
sexy slit up on side of the skirt

I love the over-sized fur waistcoat!!

Rocking a severe indie look- loving it <3

Matching lip-stick and top broken up with
 a black leather jacket is oh-so sexy!

I loooove her hat in this!

The over sized denim shirt and leopard print pants is such
a double whammy- ich liebe!

A rosy shine and messy bun is THE look
for this summer's festival scene!

Yet again rocking the indie look- inspirational :)
But I hate myself for thinking that it's a bit of a Jesus look!

Again, love the hat Boardmasters**
I also love the peeping lace under her top- secretly sexy

Simple. Casual. HOT- Boardmasters**

Again, Jesus.
A scene from 90210

Monday, 9 May 2011

New Fashion Idol Crush!!

Ok, if you're not prepared then you may fall off your chair because Gillian Zinser's beauty will Blow. You. Away!
Gillian is a 25 year old American actress, famous for playing the surfing tomboy, Ivy in the series 90210.
She's blessed with a tall slim figure and a natural tan- a propper Californian chick. <3

I'm deffinatly going to take inSpiration from her slightly cooky look for this summer's festival scene!