Sunday, 22 May 2011

"The Movies" Party

It's been much debate over what I'm going as to my friends joint sweet 16- which has the theme "The Movies".
The original plan was to go as Marilyn Monroe in a pleated white dress; but as pleated white dresses are hardly the focus of fashion at the moment it would mean wasting money on an awful costume one, made ideally, for transvestites; so you see my problem.
The next plan was to go as Jenny Miller from An Education as I found, and fell in love with, a dress similar to one of hers.
However, me being the rediculous shop-a-holic that I am, spent the funds for that dress on other "neccesities" such as a bag; a coat; a pair of casual heels; and underwear. Tut tut tut to me!
All of this amounts to and complicates the following outcome: I have nothing to wear!

Two days on and I'm frantically trying to find a movie that would require me wearing palazzo trousers from BooHoo.

These stunners are £22,  Boohoo
These equally as beautiful one's are £20, Boohoo

Apologies for the pixilation- these are £24 from New Look
Decisions, Decisions!

Knowing me I will probably go for the New Look dress and go as Jenny from An Education! Sadly that dress isn't yet on the New Look Website so I can't post a picture until I've bought it.

Just thought you'd like to know of my little dilemma!
LOVES! xxx

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