Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Script, Plymouth Pavillions, 28th March 2011

One word to discribe The Script?
Take your pick, because these guys have it all!
I went up to Plymouth (yes, yes, instead of school- naughty me!) with two friends to watch them perform live at Plymouth Pavillions; one of their stop off's on their Science and Faith tour.
Over the night they performed most of their Sience and Faith album along with some of the good oldies like 'Breakeven' and 'The Man Who Can't Be Moved'!
Of course after a tad (just a tad) too much to.... ahem.... drink, my friends and I may of made slight weirdo's of ourselves infront of some boys who used to go to our school and who are now in College- But that's just the fun of it. You can't critisize us for being what we are: Pre-Adolescent-Teens.... LovingLife.
Embarassing, if not rather weird moment for me must of been having my belt stolen from around my waist without me knowing and then it being returned by the immaturly named (for lack of knowledge issues) Mr Christian 'Belt' Stealer.
Anyway, over all it was a GREAT night and deffinatly a "life card" for anyone who sees them!

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