Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Simply the best weekend of our lives ♥

Boardmasters was simply the best weekend of our lives;

Set up for The Klaxons

After a night of camping, and a morning of self-drawing
 I was all set in my festival gear!

Our young lives were consumed with the impurities of the festival
..... And we loved it!!

One of the team: Jess down from Wales!

Libby, King Charles and I (slightly exciting!)

Charlie, one of my many friends captured by my hat!

John, myself and Jess, raving to The Klaxons!
So proud we made it right to the front!

Our tent was such a mess by the end!
Foundation and UV paint stains for life!

Monkeying around!

Two more of the team: Tom and Libby
The Happy Couple ♥

A new friend from the festival!

Yet another night camping- good lord!


Watching King Charles was absolutely amazing!
He got a hard on, on stage! ;D 
The campsite was soooo packed!
All part of the fun ;D

Another new friend :)

Camping really took it out on my hair!

Maverick Sabre doing a cover of Wonderwall!
Mind Blowing!!

Awwr, dubstep has a funny effect on everybody ;D

Waiting for Ben Howard.

From left to right: Joe, Ross, Matt, Erik (just visible) myself, Pete, Jess, Tom
And in front: Libby and Louis

Myself, Ross, Joe and Libby after a few ;D

These aren't the only photo's and I'll be uploading more soon! Sorry about the mis-matching order but I'm not sure of the correct order.
Comment with anymore blogs about Boardmasters and stories of your own experiences ♥

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