Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Perfume Adverts: a keen marketing management, or a pretentious scam?

Like them or loath them, perfume adverts are on every channel, everyday, all year round, convincing you, potential buyers, to invest in their scent.
From Chanel, Dior and Paco Rabanne to 'So...', Charlie and celebrities own; perfume comes in all shapes and sizes, for a range of prices- much like clothes.
However, there's something about the way you smell which is far more important than just the way you dress. Because the two go together, your appearance, your scent and your expression all make up a vital part of your personality which creates your ideal first impression.

Obviously the adverts are there to sell and are acquired to the target market of the perfume.

For example;

Kiera Knightly, being the face of Coco Chanel Mademoiselle, is perfect example of female power which will entice the modern working woman or classy late teen (17-25/30) where as the Chanel No.5 is known for being for the older woman in some respects. Does it smell nice? I'm biased but yes. It's elegant and floral, not fruity; and it doesn't scream slut like some perfumes can.
(P.S: This is my favourite)
Where as Britney Spears appeals to a younger market, the bottle shape and colours used (as well as her musical focus) 13/14 year old and younger, buying/asking for their first proper perfume to show off to their friends. But does it really smell nice? Hmm... It's very over-powering,

For women, a perfume is an enticing scent, an attractive, maybe sexy fragrance that will inevitably attract the opposite sex (or same sex, whatever floats your boat). It's the scent your friends and loved ones will remember you by and it's down to you and you alone to decide how you wish to smell.
For men, the objective is just that bit simpler: something that smells nice, that will help you pull a bird. Men want power, and lust and something that when his girlfriend (or boyfriend, you get my drift) borrows a jumper/jacket/scarf it will linger and let that special someone remember you every time they put it on. Also, relating to the animal kingdom, this sharing of over clothes such as jackets and scarfs in your scent is a way of marking your territory. No guy will try his luck with a girl walking home in her boyfriends hoody. Ever.

As an example of some up market and lower market advertisements for men's perfume (spray/scent/aftershave); here's some clips from youtube:

Paco Rebanne One Million. This advert is a perfect example of the kind of things men look for in a fragrance. A good looking male, money, wealth, control, swag, confidence- hey look, a hot blonde! Black and white adds class and a dark mysterious look. Everything about this man screams "player". Women will by this for their partners because they want him to be this man; or they wont if they're concerned about them cheating with someone all because a girl launched herself on him at a club just because he smelt so good (at least that's his side of the story aye?). Pretencions? Yes it is, but does it actually smell nice? Boy oh boy it does, unfortunately this post is not yet able to scratch and sniff.

Lynx 2012, the final edition of Lynx. Thank god some of you might say. Other men who have bought into this and pre-puberty teens might literally think this the end of the world. This advert is asking for a slap in the face really (in my opinion). "Get it on for the end of the world"?! Lynx want men to see this and think "The world is ending in 2012... what if I don't get laid before then?! Result! I'll just spray myself with this and it doesn't matter what I look like, women will come in pairs!"
Yeahh.... no.

So it's really a question of taste/choice. Would you rather search high and low for a perfume that smelt exactly how you would like to smell? Or conform to the upscale/popular market that is considered to be the best? However, surely if you were to choose a fragrence based on it's advertising campaign or how well known the product is, then it isn't actually 'your scent' but more a cover that makes you the same as everyone else who smells like the latest Chanel/CK/Beyonce fragrence. Much similar to clothes, really- you either choose to be different, or choose to be the same inside sub-cultures or your class.

Your choice.
Peace out.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Oh the American way- again. Don't you just love them? Slumber parties, pajama parties, pillow fights, baking cupcakes, maybe getting a little bit tipsy.
The English way. Influenced heavily by Skins and the longing to rebel; the cutesy, fluffy, fun, innocent ways of a classic sleepover have long but diminished. Sad? NOOO.... It's a part of growing up.

Don't lie boys, this is what you imagine when a sleepover is mentioned.
So how else do they differ?

Minus the nudity, this is the scene we create.
Firstly, the entertainment. Us Brits like to take the high road- literally. At a sleepover I attended this weekend, the idea was simple; open the windows, stick our heads out side, and let the smell and smoke drift from our pre-rolled "special" and normal cigarettes. The setting is quite romantic. My friends bedroom is in the attack and her huge windows present a wonderful view of the harbour at night; and as we gather in the alcove, the smoke creates quite a plume of happiness and glee, as well as mystery and teenage rebellion.

If we were across the pond, however, I'm sure we'd be enjoying a different kind of scent. I can see us in he kitchen, gathered round the oven in pink, floral aprons, waiting apon our ready-mix cakes which we'd spent the evening preparing and maybe even a food fight, which would result in us dancing round the room singing along to Barbie Girl- too far? Okay, okay, so American's aren't that naive and probably would be listening to Orson or another mind blowing amazing American band (I'm not kidding, I love Orson) but you get the idea.

One sleepover tradition you can count on happening at an American sleepover is the marvelous make-overs that take place, before another dance, this time around the bedroom, eating the cupcakes and taking lots of photo's!

The other night however (which doesn't really differ from any other sleepover I've had in the past year) the closest thing to a make over was putting on a bit more foundation, ready to head out for a short while to meet one of my friends boyfriends and his recently single friend. Our generation of Brits tend to leave the making eachother over for Halloween and fancy dress parties (correct me if I'm wrong). As for the photo's? Well I brought my professional camera just incase but the feeling of the group was that we'd best not take photo's while our heads are in the cloads. The less evidence, the more mystery is what they say. (However we have arranged to do a photo shoot next weekend so keep an eye out for the produce of that!)

Frankie, Kenny, Lindsey, Rosie and Felicity make up
my favorite childhood show.
 I'm not trying to say that I hate the American sleepovers. I'd love to be at that naive stage when everything is in clear pink and white; but England just isn't that conservative- never has been, never will be. I don't know if it's true or not, but I've been told English movies with bad endings are changed to satisfy the American's need for a happy ending (I'm not quoting it so don't sue me if I'm wrong) but that fact- true or false- must of come from somewhere; some truth that shows Britain is just a grimier, dirtier place. And so follows with sleepovers it seems. I'm sure not all sleepovers are like this (no matter what I've heard from my friends in America) but this stereotype of American girls must of come from somewhere. My favorite show and book as a child, The Sleepover Club, is probably what has driven this stereotype into my head, even though the show is American (I was only 10!).

I hope this post doesn't offend anyone, it's just a mere comparison based on my little knowledge of America.
Regardless of all of this, I have always wanted to visit America (California mainly) so I hope you'll all still have me.
Until next time ♥

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Bonfire Night!!

From previous posts, you know how much I love bonfire night- and, for our town, it was yesterday (Friday 4th November) and hosted down at St Just Rugby Club, just like it is every year.
Here's some photo's of the night:
Liz and I by the fire. 
Mum and Liz by the fire.

All of us by the fire.

Mum with a sparkler.

Could Liz BE any happier?!

Woosh. Bang. Pretty!!
Such a beautiful time of year, as long as you don't photograph yourself with your teeth stuck together with bonfire toffee; or the pub mischief afterwords with all my friends.
I hope your night was as good as mine- and for all those celebrating bonfire night tonight: HAVE FUN!!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

In Cold Blood- Truman Capote

In Cold Blood, a novel that appears on more than 10 different international lists of books that you have to read before you die and written by the author credited for the novel Breakfast at Tiffany's. You'd of thought this book to be life changing in so many ways.
The novel starts off slow, introducing several different characters and their lives; starting with the Clutters, a wealthy farming, Methodist family who live in the humble town of Holcomb, in Kansas. The family consists of Herbert Clutter, the father and head of the family; a wealthy man who runs the River Valley Farm, where the family live. He is described as "average height, standing just under five feet ten, Mr Clutter cut a man's-man figure. His shoulders were broad, his hair had held its dark colour, his square-jawed, confident face retained a healthy-hued youthfulness, and his teeth, unstained and strong enough to shatter walnuts, were still intact." He was a Kansas State University graduate ("majored in agriculture") and a well respected and liked citizen of the town. He didn't drink or smoke and kept himself healthy- a straight forward, well mannered man who was chairman of the Kansas Conference of Farm Organisations and was once a member of the Federal Farm Credit Board. His family follow close suit; his daughter Nancy and son Kenyon were smart children who did well in school. Both also attended the Methodist church and were popular, polite children. Kenyon enjoyed inventing things and wood craft (he used the playroom in the basement as a work space. Nancy had a boyfriend, Bobby Rupp- a school basketball hero. Whereas Mr Clutter approved of the pair dating, he didn't believe that they could ever marry as Bobby was a Roman Catholic; contrasting their Methodist beliefs. Herb (Mr Clutter) also had two elder daughters; Eveanna and Beverly, who are older and have married and now live elsewhere. The mother of the family and Herb's wife, Bonnie, is also from a pleasant background, however she has experienced post-natal depression and after the leave of her oldest daughters, now sleeps in a separate bedroom to Herb. She's become a very quiet and to herself person who appears sad much of the time. For this reason, many people are afraid to converse or be with her outside the family as she can be awkward and panicked.
Whilst introducing these characters, the novel also tells of a seemingly separate pair. Two men, travelling to Kansas together after they both get parole from prison. Perry and Dick have been convicted of stealing and assaulting in the past, but what they are travelling to Kansas to do is frighteningly worse. Dick speaks a lot of a plan. A fix. Can't go wrong. He enlists Perry (a friend from prison) into the plan and both prepare.
Ultimately, the plan was the murder and robbery of the Clutter family.
Based on a true story, Truman Capote was fascinated by the Clutter case, and while writing his book, made his own enquiries regarding the towns-people and Perry and Dick themselves at the time when they were on death row. Truman describes Perry as quite a sad, lonely and lost character. A man with a dreadful up-bringing and a history of rejection and as never married. Perry confesses to having killed all the family members, and that Dick merely made the plan from what he's heard from another friend in jail. Said friend had once worked for the Clutters on the farm and had remembered there being a safe and that Mr Clutter was a very wealthy man. However, the jail-mate did not believe Dick when he began plotter to burgle and murder the Clutter's: "No witnesses." However, when Dick and Perry invade the house, they leave with no more than $50 and a radio pair of binoculars to sell in a pawn shop. There was no such safe and the Clutters were bound and murdered, one by one (Mr Clutter first; cut his throat and then shot him in the head. Kenyon next; shot in the head; and then Nancy, and then Mrs Clutter, who are killed in the same way) for a seemingly un-just course.
The novel describes the murders as a shock to the community and people start to suspect friends and neighbours (they seem almost disappointed that the actual killers are unknown).
The book continues as thus: The Clutters are murdered and the main bulk of the book is Perry and Dick on the run, trying to find work from Mexico to California. In this time you find out more about Perry and Dick's up bringing and why they are who they are. Perry is uncovered as quite a pitiful character and clearly has some kind of mental illness (it's later discovered he could suffer from a form of schizophrenia). Whereas Dick seems to be the cold-hearted killer; the brains behind the plan; and the instigator (however you later find out that he too, could be suffering from a mental illness and didn't kill any of the Clutters).
Chapter 4 (the last chapter): The Corner, talks about the pairs trial, and short life on death row. It describes the other convicts on death row and how and why they're there; their history, present and even future (which they all had in common: death by hanging).
Finally, also in Chapter 4- Perry and Dick are hung. Dick first, takes 20 minutes to die; and then Perry, who also takes 20 minutes to die. Regardless of the over-indulged description and failure to be concise and stick to the plot, In Cold Blood definitely had an effect on me. I really felt for Nancy in particular, and Bobby after she died. I admired her and her brother, Kenyon's relationship and pitied her mother, Bonnie's state of loneliness and sadness. I failed to feel for Dick and his arrogant ways but Perry's story genuinely touched me and I was sad when he died. However feeling this made me feel bad because mental illness aside, he's killed an entire family! And not just any family, the Clutters were a lovely family, the stereotypical 1950's American family with a bit of a twist (being that Bonnie, bless her, was far from a stereotypical 1950's house wife).

So, to conclude: The book isn't as bad as I had worried it would be. It started slow, and ended slower- but the characters were charming and the descriptions of the families death and Perry's life was both touching and moving.
It is, however, definitely a masculine book and I recommend this to any novel-loving father/grandfather who enjoys a good american murder novel. As for us girls- if that's your kind of thing, brilliant, you're obviously more appreciative of classic fiction, but I think I'll stick to Breakfast at Tiffany's.
Happy Reading Book Worms! ♥

Halloween or Bonfire Night?

Halloween originated in America and has since over taken
the world!!
"Halloween is a big deal in the US, obviously. The average American child collects candy with an estimated 7,000 calories on Halloween night, which will take a 100 pound child 15 hours of basketball to burn off. But in the UK it is all happening too. Halloween is now the UK’s third highest spending festival with sales of £300m (just behind Christmas and Easter).
So is it an "excuse to sell overpriced tat that will inevitably be lanfill fodde", or just a bit of fun for the kiddies in the growing gloom of Autumn? You be the judge."

I personally spent Halloween night at home; lights turned off and the curtains drawn to avoid an invasion of scarily dressed children in the hope that they'll think I wasn't in. Failing that, I just didn't answer the dorr and stayed out of sight.
I have no problem with Halloween, or a huge gain of sweets for free (lets face it, it's almost like robbing or assaulting your neighbours -depending on the trick or the treat-  with their consent.
Most of my friends and fellow students attending the neck-bitingly thrilling Twilight event at the coolest nightclub on earth, Sound (notice the sarcasm?). About 90% called it a waste of money and 9% got too drunk to even make it in the club. I rest my case.
Given a decent venue, and the right kind of attenders (30 year old men excluded) and I think it would have made a great night out. Take, for example, a gig I went to on Friday night. 'Gary and the Minefield at the Acorn!', a night out it what you make of it. I went with two friends who both didn't want to go (one of which only went because hyer bgoyfriend was in a supporting band) and who both sat in the corner moping and sober. I, on the other hand- got up and danced (the gig being a regular occurance, I knew most of the people there) and I had an okay time. So it wasn't the best turn-out in the world; and the bands previous to Gary and the Minefield were pretty shit (excluding my dear friends Accidental Legends) but that's the fun of it. My point being: My two friends were the WRONG people to go with to gigs and were the one remainding percent that enjoyed Sound night club.
But enough of my rambling and continuous ridiculing of Halloween, all we really need is a decent event to mark the time of year. And less of the Twilight- no one went as a vampire. Slutty cats seemed to be the Halloween must-wear of this year.
After all, Halloween, being the third highest spending event in the UK, must be doing something right!
As for me? I'll stick to Guy Forks/Bonfire Night and the smokey atmosphere, dressing up warm, and dancing around the fire with sparklers and awaiting the fireworks. Bonfire toffee, malt wine and gloved hands held in front of the fire for warmth. I'm getting excited already!

Really looking forward to an event similar to the one above this
weekend. Love a bit of smoke in my lungs.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

44 Week Book Mission

I've gone through 'Top 100' lists from 2009-2011 and picked out the novels that appealed to me the most; so I've set myself a bit of a mission: Read the follow 22 books by 17th April 2012:

  • The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Douglas Adams
  • 1984 - George Orwell
  • Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte
  • Catch 22 - Joseph Heller
  • Little Women - Louisa May Alcott
  • Tess of the D'Urbervilles - Thomas Hardy
  • Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - Lewis Carroll
  • A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens
  • Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy - John le Carre
  • Breakfast at Tiffany's - Truman Capote
  • Anna Karenina - Leo Tolstoy
  • Animal Farm - George Orwell
  • Atonement - Ian McEwan
  • The Lovely Bones - Alice Sebold
  • The Secret Garden - Frances Hodgson Burnett
  • Les Miserables - Victor Hugo
  • Hamlet - William Shakespeare
  • A Town Like Alice - Nevil Shute
  • To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee
  • Little Bee - Chris Cleave
  • In Cold Blood - Truman Capote
  • True History of the Kelly Gang - Peter Carey
I will post my verdict on all the books as and when I've read them. I'm quite a slow reader so fingers crossed 2 weeks per book, along side my college work and social life is enough!
The last two books on my list are unfortunately compulsory and part of my English combined AS-Level so will be the first two books I read. After that I hope to read 'To Kill a Mockingbird' by Harper Lee as dear old mother dearest has bought it for me. The challenge should be made easier if I get a Kindle for Christmas. 
Peace out ♥

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Inspired: Colin Dodgson, Photographer

I'm a huge fan of Colin's photography and his 'Friday I'm In Love' shoot has captivated me. It's a really tasteful view on a lustful love that consumes the late teens - early twenties in our modern society. It's sexy in a raw, rough and tumble fashion and real tribute to "hipster". Also included is an interview with the models Stella Greenspan and Cole Muhr.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Surprising things that make you sexy

I got this article from Yahoo and found it particularly interesting... although I'm not going to let anyone see my morning face any time soon! However, I do have a cold coming on.

"Miniskirts and sixpacks make us blush and giggle, but are they really sexy? 

Leave those stereotypical badges of hotness to movie stars and glamour models – real sexiness is far more subtle and distinctive.  You may be surprised to find out which things your partner, your date or that attractive stranger find sexy about you. Your sexiest features actually tend to be the ones that are most intrinsic to you. This is why confidence is attractive – confident people know that their quirks are the sexiest things about them. Read on to find out why you're sexier than you realised. If you feel more confident as a result, you'll be irresistible! 

1. Your ever-so-slightly obsessive hobby  
One of the reason that sixpacks and miniskirts are not as sexy as you might think is that they tend to be associated with a lack of brain power. If your main hobby is lifting weights, that doesn't leave much time for the kind of hobbies that involve your brain and make you a more interesting person – and those are the kind of hobbies that make you truly sexy.  There's something incredibly sexy about people who have a slightly unhinged interest in something creative, the more unexpected the better. It signals intellect, commitment and independence. Show me a man who goes home from work to spend the evening baking bread from scratch, and I'll show you 10,000 women who want to have his babies. 

2. Your glasses  

The writer Dorothy Parker was a wise old bird when it came to the rules of attraction, but she once got it very, very wrong. “Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses...” oh Dorothy, who on earth were these men? Certainly not any that we've ever met. Men and women love a good pair of specs, especially on someone who doesn't wear them all the time.   According to researchers at the University of Stockholm, it's for the most predictable of reasons: they make you look intelligent, and therefore more likely to provide mental stimulation. Glasses may not turn you into a witty conversationalist, but they make your date or partner subconsciously think that you are, and that's what counts. 

3. Your morning face  

You look dog rough in the morning, right? Well, not really. You may not be in an ideal state for a job interview, but you're certainly not unattractive. Your bare skin and unpolished demeanour are extremely sexy because they represent you at your rawest. Especially if you sleep in your birthday suit. To your partner, this is the “you” that only he or she gets to see – and that is deeply sexy in itself. 

4. Your love handles  

There are few things more depressing and unsexy than a person who hates their body. A lover who doesn't want to be seen naked or touched on the bum or belly “because I'm fat” is never going to be a good lover. Sexiness is about embracing your imperfections and enjoying your body – not least because it makes your partner or date feel better about their own love handles. Take pleasure in your own shape, and other people will too.

 5. Your 'flu voice'  

Beautiful faces cannot reach the parts that sexy voices can. There's something about a well-modulated, fluent speaking voice that can hook a potential partner from “hello” - even if they haven't a clue what you look like. The sexiest voices of all have a pitch slightly deeper than average, because they resound with a warmth and sensuality that is extremely pleasing to the ear. You know the deeper, huskier voice that you get when you've had a cold? Yep, that one.  This husky voice comes from deep in your chest, and that's how people with naturally deep voices tend to speak. Squeaky voices, by contrast, are powered by the throat or nose. When ex-PM Margaret Thatcher had voice coaching to improve her tone, she was taught to breathe from her chest – and suddenly the men in Parliament sat up and listened."

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

My Budget Bedroom.

Oh what I wouldn't give for a bedroom like this:

...However being your average jobless, money-less teen with an income of £15/month pocket money. I have no chance in Hölle of affording Pierre Frey toile de jouy wallpaper and Peter Jones bedding- and why have to?
The countries underage population is suffering from a desire to have everything to perfection. The theory that one's bedroom is yet another 'thing' that defines who you are in this materialistic world. Even though the only people to see it are your best friends and occasional boyfriend (who will be least interested in whether you picked the french rose or white lavender paint, and more interested in whether or not the floor under your bed creeks).
I'm not saying that how one's bedroom looks is unimportant- of course it is. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, your whole life in items collected into four walls of your own taste. It's a big deal. But surely there are cheaper ways of going about it?!
In fact, no question required, because there ARE cheaper ways of going about the perfect bedroom, and I'm going to prove it by getting as close to my dream bedroom as possible; using cheaper products and re-using some items I already have.
My Budget Bedroom.

Excusing the mess, my bedroom is great. The walls are 3D spots painted cream and I've collected such 'nick-nacks' on/round/hanging from my shelves. Mismatch leather and wood and an old green carpet which has definitely seen better days (pre-straighteners). My bed is famous amongst my friends for being the comfiest bed they've slept in.
My bedroom is great- but it needs updating.

The Mission: My Budget Bedroom

Shopping List:
Bed covers
Full-length mirror

Items to Re-use:
Wall shelves
Writing desk
Bed side table

Comparing Prices:
Laura Ashley Toile Wallpaper

Pierre Frey Toile Wallpaper

B&Q Classic Table Lamp
Jane Churchill Lamp

Jigsaw at John Lewis
Newquay Stripes
£105 (pillow cases not included)
Red Striped Jaquard Duvet Cover
and Pillow Cases

So it's time to start decorating!! Peace out ♥

Saturday, 17 September 2011

End of Summer

So the end of summer has arrived and as I start College as a nerdy first year, I look back on the past three months with a sense of nonchalance. I may have missed structure and learning but now, in true teenage style, I'm missing the freedom. So here are some moments of my summer I will never forget and the awards I would give them should this be the best summer moments version of the MTV awards.

Most Unexpected Night Out..... My Birthday! (Or more specifically, my birthday party!)
If camping on the beach with a few beers and a fire sound good to you then how about "Change of plan, lets all sleep round these hot tourists holiday home and get smashed?!" Oh yes, turning 16 in true style- the story of that night will go down in history with my friends and I as the most spontaneous and random night to date.

Event of Most Elegance.... Prom!
Prom was beautiful; everyone looked stunning and the weather couldn't have been better! Fake tan, new hair cuts and shiny shoes (that's just the boys!), all my friends and I had been dreaming about prom since we were year 7's, what average secondary school student doesn't? However the after party was not so elegant (but lets not include that in the award).

Night Out Most Like a Movie.... Lafrowda (which turned out like the Hangover)
Lafrowda is a local festival in St Just, the town where I live, which in the past few years has turned into a drugs fest, music festival in which people from all over Cornwall attend for the atmosphere, bands and music. It's the best night out in St Just all year and never fails to be a successful failure of staying sane, together and safe. In fact, the only successful thing about every Lafrowda is that we all just about make it home in one piece and having left most of the drama behind us. My friend Jeska represented Doug, from the movie The Hangover, as she got lost and we didn't find her until the very end of the night, minus all her piercings and covered in cuts and bruises from ending up in a field! Amy was Stu, the one who had the "perfect" boyfriend who disapproved of her drinking, etc. Bryher was Alan, absolute nutter! Enough said- she was in a world of her own. And I was Phil, because I pulled.

Biggest Family Event... Nottingham. 
Every year, my sister and I either spend a week in Portsmouth with my Uncle (and other family members from my dad's side) or in Nottingham with my Grandparents (and other family members on my mum's side). This year we went to Nottingham and the highlight of the week has to be The Riverside Festival! Although, due to my cousins not being older than my younger sister, I couldn't get drunk, pull a guy, heavily rave, and pass out in a hedge somewhere- but I really didn't need to. I had a great time, ate so many sweets, went on all the big, scary rides, and bought a huge monkey hat before watching the fireworks with my littlest cousin sitting on my lap. So even though a sugar rush was the closest I got to a high, it was still a successful trip.

Best Event for Music... Relentless Boardmasters!
This weekend so bloody amazing that I couldn't of even fathomed this much fun before this epic, mental weekend! You've seen the photo's and probably have a good idea of what went on, but I could not recommend more, going to a/any music festival such as Relentless Boardmasters. The music was brilliant! The friends I have met are, if not for life, definitely for next years Boardmasters. Although this isn't everyone I met, it's my favorite photo.

Most Outrageous Friend... Jess.
Jess and I have shared a lot in the past. Possibly too much, but never the less she is my oldest friend. However, at the A-Levels results party at Sound Nightclub especially, was the most outrageous, funniest, best fun person there! Although the reason she was most outrageous did also involve me, but lets not mention that!

Biggest Flash From The Past... Sound A-Levels Results Party (and a special congratulations for me for staying civil!)
I don't usually enjoy the nightclub scene because I'm more of a live band, mosh pit, indie music type. However, this dub-step/remix themed event was brilliant! Everyone was dancing like they had no inhibitions and drinking like it was their last night on earth! Everyone got along, there were no arguments and it was a truly unforgettable night. So why a blast from the past? Because I got the chance to have a good catch up with an old flame from before Christmas. I can't say I at all tolerate the fellow or the feeling of de ja vu, but it's always nice to be civil....

Biggest Disappointment... Party In The Park
It's always the same for events that have been built up to much. My friends and I had been "clucking" for this since before Boardmasters and had our tickets as soon as they came on sale. However, after the music started and the drink ran out (about 10pm) we realised our disappointment and headed to the dub-step, which wasn't exactly mind blowing. Sadly, we were home by 12am, which meant a swift exit to the bedroom from my coupled friends and an excruciating conversation with the other guests staying round. However, I did pull so not all bad!

Biggest Achievement... GCSE Results.
I won't blabber on about this for long as I have already bragged my results in a post. But said results did mean that I got into my required A-Levels in college and am currently enrolled in English Combined, Geography, Psychology, Communications&Culture and the Academic Academy. I've been there for nearly two weeks now and apart from the one and a half hour bus ride twice a day to get me there and back, it's proved a brilliant decision.

Most Inappropriate but Fortunate Place of Trust... Leaving Me Home Alone For a Week.
 Last year I missed out on going to Party in the Park because my parents dragged me on a camping holiday in Bude. So this year, being 16 and therefore an adult now, left me at home when they went to Newquay. They left me in the trust of the house, all their possessions, and a whole lot of food and it was the best week of my life. I had people stay after Party in the Park, and everyday day after that. It was like the house of Skins (of course me being Cassie as I have been told I look like her). It was the best way to end the holidays and start out independence before college- god help us we needed it!

Most Laughs... Munchies in Costa.
I'm not claiming to have any habit or appropriate influence on society, but this Costa visit with my good friend Jeska was worth it! We went from brownies and coffee, to crisps and ice coolers but it was the conversation that made it. After talking about "that perverse man standing next to me at the bus stop" and finding out he was standing right behind us in the queue (!!!) it set off a kamikaze of giggles. We explored the idea's of our fingers being various items of cutlery for our own benefit, and how it would put a whole new meaning to the term "spooning". We discussed how the giant mug looked like a mini mountain turned upside down (not the more logical volcano) and shared recent news of each others sex lives. Of course she had much more to say than I did. It was a meaningless and crazy day but all the best days are. It was significant in the way that it was our last day before we started at different colleges and became unable to meet up as often as before. We never fail to amuse each other.

Best One Off... Hot-boxing a Derelict Caravan.
Again, I'm not claiming a habit or addiction or that this is a smart thing to do and I do not wish to influence people. However, there is nothing better (in my opinion) that lighting up a blunt in a compact place and "in a pipe [flying] to another land" with a few packets of crisps handy for when the munchies kick in. Just preferably don't do it straight before work!