Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Oh the American way- again. Don't you just love them? Slumber parties, pajama parties, pillow fights, baking cupcakes, maybe getting a little bit tipsy.
The English way. Influenced heavily by Skins and the longing to rebel; the cutesy, fluffy, fun, innocent ways of a classic sleepover have long but diminished. Sad? NOOO.... It's a part of growing up.

Don't lie boys, this is what you imagine when a sleepover is mentioned.
So how else do they differ?

Minus the nudity, this is the scene we create.
Firstly, the entertainment. Us Brits like to take the high road- literally. At a sleepover I attended this weekend, the idea was simple; open the windows, stick our heads out side, and let the smell and smoke drift from our pre-rolled "special" and normal cigarettes. The setting is quite romantic. My friends bedroom is in the attack and her huge windows present a wonderful view of the harbour at night; and as we gather in the alcove, the smoke creates quite a plume of happiness and glee, as well as mystery and teenage rebellion.

If we were across the pond, however, I'm sure we'd be enjoying a different kind of scent. I can see us in he kitchen, gathered round the oven in pink, floral aprons, waiting apon our ready-mix cakes which we'd spent the evening preparing and maybe even a food fight, which would result in us dancing round the room singing along to Barbie Girl- too far? Okay, okay, so American's aren't that naive and probably would be listening to Orson or another mind blowing amazing American band (I'm not kidding, I love Orson) but you get the idea.

One sleepover tradition you can count on happening at an American sleepover is the marvelous make-overs that take place, before another dance, this time around the bedroom, eating the cupcakes and taking lots of photo's!

The other night however (which doesn't really differ from any other sleepover I've had in the past year) the closest thing to a make over was putting on a bit more foundation, ready to head out for a short while to meet one of my friends boyfriends and his recently single friend. Our generation of Brits tend to leave the making eachother over for Halloween and fancy dress parties (correct me if I'm wrong). As for the photo's? Well I brought my professional camera just incase but the feeling of the group was that we'd best not take photo's while our heads are in the cloads. The less evidence, the more mystery is what they say. (However we have arranged to do a photo shoot next weekend so keep an eye out for the produce of that!)

Frankie, Kenny, Lindsey, Rosie and Felicity make up
my favorite childhood show.
 I'm not trying to say that I hate the American sleepovers. I'd love to be at that naive stage when everything is in clear pink and white; but England just isn't that conservative- never has been, never will be. I don't know if it's true or not, but I've been told English movies with bad endings are changed to satisfy the American's need for a happy ending (I'm not quoting it so don't sue me if I'm wrong) but that fact- true or false- must of come from somewhere; some truth that shows Britain is just a grimier, dirtier place. And so follows with sleepovers it seems. I'm sure not all sleepovers are like this (no matter what I've heard from my friends in America) but this stereotype of American girls must of come from somewhere. My favorite show and book as a child, The Sleepover Club, is probably what has driven this stereotype into my head, even though the show is American (I was only 10!).

I hope this post doesn't offend anyone, it's just a mere comparison based on my little knowledge of America.
Regardless of all of this, I have always wanted to visit America (California mainly) so I hope you'll all still have me.
Until next time ♥

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