Thursday, 3 November 2011

Halloween or Bonfire Night?

Halloween originated in America and has since over taken
the world!!
"Halloween is a big deal in the US, obviously. The average American child collects candy with an estimated 7,000 calories on Halloween night, which will take a 100 pound child 15 hours of basketball to burn off. But in the UK it is all happening too. Halloween is now the UK’s third highest spending festival with sales of £300m (just behind Christmas and Easter).
So is it an "excuse to sell overpriced tat that will inevitably be lanfill fodde", or just a bit of fun for the kiddies in the growing gloom of Autumn? You be the judge."

I personally spent Halloween night at home; lights turned off and the curtains drawn to avoid an invasion of scarily dressed children in the hope that they'll think I wasn't in. Failing that, I just didn't answer the dorr and stayed out of sight.
I have no problem with Halloween, or a huge gain of sweets for free (lets face it, it's almost like robbing or assaulting your neighbours -depending on the trick or the treat-  with their consent.
Most of my friends and fellow students attending the neck-bitingly thrilling Twilight event at the coolest nightclub on earth, Sound (notice the sarcasm?). About 90% called it a waste of money and 9% got too drunk to even make it in the club. I rest my case.
Given a decent venue, and the right kind of attenders (30 year old men excluded) and I think it would have made a great night out. Take, for example, a gig I went to on Friday night. 'Gary and the Minefield at the Acorn!', a night out it what you make of it. I went with two friends who both didn't want to go (one of which only went because hyer bgoyfriend was in a supporting band) and who both sat in the corner moping and sober. I, on the other hand- got up and danced (the gig being a regular occurance, I knew most of the people there) and I had an okay time. So it wasn't the best turn-out in the world; and the bands previous to Gary and the Minefield were pretty shit (excluding my dear friends Accidental Legends) but that's the fun of it. My point being: My two friends were the WRONG people to go with to gigs and were the one remainding percent that enjoyed Sound night club.
But enough of my rambling and continuous ridiculing of Halloween, all we really need is a decent event to mark the time of year. And less of the Twilight- no one went as a vampire. Slutty cats seemed to be the Halloween must-wear of this year.
After all, Halloween, being the third highest spending event in the UK, must be doing something right!
As for me? I'll stick to Guy Forks/Bonfire Night and the smokey atmosphere, dressing up warm, and dancing around the fire with sparklers and awaiting the fireworks. Bonfire toffee, malt wine and gloved hands held in front of the fire for warmth. I'm getting excited already!

Really looking forward to an event similar to the one above this
weekend. Love a bit of smoke in my lungs.

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