Friday, 14 October 2011

Surprising things that make you sexy

I got this article from Yahoo and found it particularly interesting... although I'm not going to let anyone see my morning face any time soon! However, I do have a cold coming on.

"Miniskirts and sixpacks make us blush and giggle, but are they really sexy? 

Leave those stereotypical badges of hotness to movie stars and glamour models – real sexiness is far more subtle and distinctive.  You may be surprised to find out which things your partner, your date or that attractive stranger find sexy about you. Your sexiest features actually tend to be the ones that are most intrinsic to you. This is why confidence is attractive – confident people know that their quirks are the sexiest things about them. Read on to find out why you're sexier than you realised. If you feel more confident as a result, you'll be irresistible! 

1. Your ever-so-slightly obsessive hobby  
One of the reason that sixpacks and miniskirts are not as sexy as you might think is that they tend to be associated with a lack of brain power. If your main hobby is lifting weights, that doesn't leave much time for the kind of hobbies that involve your brain and make you a more interesting person – and those are the kind of hobbies that make you truly sexy.  There's something incredibly sexy about people who have a slightly unhinged interest in something creative, the more unexpected the better. It signals intellect, commitment and independence. Show me a man who goes home from work to spend the evening baking bread from scratch, and I'll show you 10,000 women who want to have his babies. 

2. Your glasses  

The writer Dorothy Parker was a wise old bird when it came to the rules of attraction, but she once got it very, very wrong. “Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses...” oh Dorothy, who on earth were these men? Certainly not any that we've ever met. Men and women love a good pair of specs, especially on someone who doesn't wear them all the time.   According to researchers at the University of Stockholm, it's for the most predictable of reasons: they make you look intelligent, and therefore more likely to provide mental stimulation. Glasses may not turn you into a witty conversationalist, but they make your date or partner subconsciously think that you are, and that's what counts. 

3. Your morning face  

You look dog rough in the morning, right? Well, not really. You may not be in an ideal state for a job interview, but you're certainly not unattractive. Your bare skin and unpolished demeanour are extremely sexy because they represent you at your rawest. Especially if you sleep in your birthday suit. To your partner, this is the “you” that only he or she gets to see – and that is deeply sexy in itself. 

4. Your love handles  

There are few things more depressing and unsexy than a person who hates their body. A lover who doesn't want to be seen naked or touched on the bum or belly “because I'm fat” is never going to be a good lover. Sexiness is about embracing your imperfections and enjoying your body – not least because it makes your partner or date feel better about their own love handles. Take pleasure in your own shape, and other people will too.

 5. Your 'flu voice'  

Beautiful faces cannot reach the parts that sexy voices can. There's something about a well-modulated, fluent speaking voice that can hook a potential partner from “hello” - even if they haven't a clue what you look like. The sexiest voices of all have a pitch slightly deeper than average, because they resound with a warmth and sensuality that is extremely pleasing to the ear. You know the deeper, huskier voice that you get when you've had a cold? Yep, that one.  This husky voice comes from deep in your chest, and that's how people with naturally deep voices tend to speak. Squeaky voices, by contrast, are powered by the throat or nose. When ex-PM Margaret Thatcher had voice coaching to improve her tone, she was taught to breathe from her chest – and suddenly the men in Parliament sat up and listened."

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