Tuesday, 11 October 2011

My Budget Bedroom.

Oh what I wouldn't give for a bedroom like this:

...However being your average jobless, money-less teen with an income of £15/month pocket money. I have no chance in Hölle of affording Pierre Frey toile de jouy wallpaper and Peter Jones bedding- and why have to?
The countries underage population is suffering from a desire to have everything to perfection. The theory that one's bedroom is yet another 'thing' that defines who you are in this materialistic world. Even though the only people to see it are your best friends and occasional boyfriend (who will be least interested in whether you picked the french rose or white lavender paint, and more interested in whether or not the floor under your bed creeks).
I'm not saying that how one's bedroom looks is unimportant- of course it is. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, your whole life in items collected into four walls of your own taste. It's a big deal. But surely there are cheaper ways of going about it?!
In fact, no question required, because there ARE cheaper ways of going about the perfect bedroom, and I'm going to prove it by getting as close to my dream bedroom as possible; using cheaper products and re-using some items I already have.
My Budget Bedroom.

Excusing the mess, my bedroom is great. The walls are 3D spots painted cream and I've collected such 'nick-nacks' on/round/hanging from my shelves. Mismatch leather and wood and an old green carpet which has definitely seen better days (pre-straighteners). My bed is famous amongst my friends for being the comfiest bed they've slept in.
My bedroom is great- but it needs updating.

The Mission: My Budget Bedroom

Shopping List:
Bed covers
Full-length mirror

Items to Re-use:
Wall shelves
Writing desk
Bed side table

Comparing Prices:
Laura Ashley Toile Wallpaper

Pierre Frey Toile Wallpaper

B&Q Classic Table Lamp
Jane Churchill Lamp

Jigsaw at John Lewis
Newquay Stripes
£105 (pillow cases not included)
Red Striped Jaquard Duvet Cover
and Pillow Cases

So it's time to start decorating!! Peace out ♥

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