Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Gillian Zinser Pics

After yesterday's manic sprout of jealousy of Gillian Zinser (who of which I have now followed on Twitter) I used some spare internet time to find more photo's of her style and fashion to post :) I hope you liiiike!

P.S: "Boardmasters**" represents Relentless Boardmasters- I'm going along this summer and NEED some outfit ideas so that's absically what that is, ideas for Boardmasters.

Rocking out with a denim jacket and amaaaazing sunnies!

Who knew Gillian could be girly?!

Possibly my favourite outfit! Boardmasters**
For those who havn't seen it before, there's a
sexy slit up on side of the skirt

I love the over-sized fur waistcoat!!

Rocking a severe indie look- loving it <3

Matching lip-stick and top broken up with
 a black leather jacket is oh-so sexy!

I loooove her hat in this!

The over sized denim shirt and leopard print pants is such
a double whammy- ich liebe!

A rosy shine and messy bun is THE look
for this summer's festival scene!

Yet again rocking the indie look- inspirational :)
But I hate myself for thinking that it's a bit of a Jesus look!

Again, love the hat Boardmasters**
I also love the peeping lace under her top- secretly sexy

Simple. Casual. HOT- Boardmasters**

Again, Jesus.
A scene from 90210


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