Sunday, 15 January 2012

Inspired: Olivia Lopez.

The 19 year old model and fashion icon should be an inspiration to every aspiring teen with dreams of entering the fashion world. The Caravan is an online store selling a rage of gorgeous and affordable vintage clothing; based in America, the only variable stopping me buying every skirt, jumper and pair of glasses is the cost of post & packaging as they're solely based in the US. Olivia, if you're reading this (yeah right!)- set up a base in the UK!

It's every girls dream to make a living of being beautiful and business-like, and that's the exact reason why Olivia Lopez is my inspiration of the moment.

In an interview with The Fashion Society, the model, who first started modelling at the age of 14, is described as "hyped", "quirky" and that they "can't get enough of her refreshing style always sharply contrasts with her laid-back Southern Californian roots" -so what's not to love?! She's a frantic, successful blogger and claims her inspiration from "people whose style aren't too construed and thought out-everyday people with confident swagger." ... Oh, and Christian Dior's Spring 2010 (who can really blame her?!). She also admitted drawing inspiration from Zooey Deschanel, who I've recently been obsessed with so double thumbs up!

However, Olivia isn't just another American school girl living her dream. In the interview with The Fashion Society she states that her modelling is merely a hobby and after high school, she hopes to leave home and go to college, studying Political Science, International Business and English/Literature! To extremely contrast her clear intelligence, and reflect on the recent pandemic of cliches infecting many of my college peers, I would say I am "Well Jel." (To those who failed to notice that reference, I am not a fan of The Only Way Is Essex).

Her blog, "I've got a lust for life" is based on her life and inspirations. suggested her to be a "muse in the making" and that she "lives by the 'be your own muse' philosophy" and that she can thank her self belief for her success so far. I very much agree with the article's interpretation of her unique 60's fashion. Her "mix-and-match style is a fresh revival to the hippie era" and "she has a knack for making vintage pieces chic, timeless, yet laidback." Well said.

More recently, Olivia has starred in the campaign video for the Olsen twins 'Olsenboye' Spring collection for JCPenny (below). In the video, Olivia talks about what inspires her while promoting the Olsen's beautiful 60's clothing.

As I sit here planning this post as I write- lost in a sea 'pinned tabs' of various interviews and photo shoots by the head-spinningly chic teen that I've uncovered after days of surfing the net- I struggle to conclude her life so far. Perhaps this is due to Olivia's apparent endless popularity growth and success in the fashion world and never-ending list of inspired teens and adults alike. So less of a conclusion and more of a 'till-next-time, who knows what else Olivia has planned in her quirky, 60's world- but I wish her the best with it all. One can only hope to achieve half the success she has through her blogging. So in the wise words of Olivia Lopez and 
Karl Lagerfeld:  Personality begins where comparison ends. >Be your own muse!

A selection of my sea of references:
LustForLife- Olivia Lopez' blog.
La Societ de Mode (The Fashion Society)
Teen Vogue Fashion Blogger
The Caravan

Extra photo's:
I love this sweet, girly look created with delicate creme tones
and soft/lace fabrics. 
60's styled turtle neck, bold colours and John Lennon
styled glasses- what's not to love?
All from: The Caravan. 
Show me a girl who wouldn't kill to wear this outfit!
Such a stunning jacket.

Every girl needs a statement leather skirt like this one.
I love how it's been teamed with a sexy blouse and sun hat.
The Fashion Society
"Punk Rock Ruined Me".... Punk rock ruined every angel.
I love this shoot because it reminds me of scenes from Grease
or other old 60's movies.
"Pretty woman, walking down the street..." enough said?
The Fashion Society

...Until next time, peace out ♥

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