Sunday, 29 April 2012

Inspired: Greg James

Ah, Greg James. Who doesn't look forward to the drive home from work or college to listen to Greg's new drive time show and kiss the stresses of day goodbye!?

Born Gregory James Alan Milward, in 1985 (making him 26, girls) - he studied drama at East Anglia University, where he was also manager of the universities radio station before rocking Radio 1. 

Since then he's gone from the early breakfast show (now done by Dev) to replacing Scott Mills' drive-time spot from 4-7pm; a change which has split listeners into a Twilight-like 'Greg vs. Scott-athon'. 
I'm personally, Team Greg. If there were T-shirts, I'd buy them; Mugs, I'd drink from them; Funny little 'Greg' face masks, maybe not... but you get the idea!
Thankfully, I'm not alone. In fact, I'm sure enough to say that most of the UK agree on a Edward to Jacob ratio that Greg's new position on radio is a giant success! 

Admittedly, I first became a fan of Greg James when I heard he was dating Ellie Goulding and realised that my favorite Radio 1 presenter wasn't the older intellectual like he sounded, but a younger, grandad-jumper-wearing, 'not-so-face-for-radio'... And that's when I really started being interested in Greg James' work and his ever-growing celebrity status. Now who could not be inspired by someone who started off as an average guy in University, to one of the most listened people on UK radio. Mind blowing. He's not only an inspiration to me, but to every teen wanting a career in any media in the future. 

I know that he has inspired my direction of journalism to music and events- even created a new aspiration of mine to be on radio (which admittedly was heightened by the appearance of a family member on BBC Radio 3 last Wednesday - Carolyn Smyth). 

Either way, I've been blabbering on about my idolisation of Greg for about five paragraphs too many so now  I'm just going to show you some pretty pictures of Greg.... 

[All from Google, please don't accuse me of stealing them because it's not like I can photograph him myself. He may be an idol, but I do not stalk him.]

Greg and ex, Ellie Goulding last year.

Greg at Glastonbury festival.

Just Greg.

Greg in 2009

Greg in the studio.
You can also follow Greg on Twitter and catch him on weekdays 4-7pm. 

Until next time
Peace out ♥

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