Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Next Year's Bikini's.

Okay, so summer has only just finished. Okay, I should be happy and contempt with the bikini's I currently own, which have been merely a few months in my possession. However, over the next 9-10 months until next summer, a great deal of us would have turned 18. One - Eight. So I believe that it is necessary to dazzle with two brand new, beautiful bikini's from my two favorite bikini brands: We Are Handsome, and Victoria's Secret.

So, here are my MUST HAVE bikini's for next year, perfect for any summer antics and girly holiday's before university. 

Front :)
And Back
Cheeky ;)

Tad fuzzy but you get the idea
And the front.

Blog on Camden Market coming up soon!
Peace out ♥

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