Sunday, 6 February 2011

Bright Young Things 2011!

Bright Young Things is a great opportunity for bands and young exhibitionists to get involved and showcase their work or themselves in various different ways. I attended the event as part of my school and got the chance to watch and interview the following three performer’s in-between enjoying the photography exhibitions and the attractions of the Eden Project where the event was held.
While the exhibitions were held in The Core (the newest development of the Eden Project that was built around a specially sculptured “Core” from one solid piece of granite) the gigs were held in the Mediterranean Biome, which made it seem like a beautiful summers day, so good news all round!

Shade of Red-
A local indie rock band based in St Ives; influenced by gypsy, polka, funk, folk, punk, dance, ska, and alt-rock music. They have a very new, fresh a different sound and their use of the melodica wind piano adds a unique element to their music. Their song Kites, for me, sums up the whole sound of summer and has an almost ‘Vampire Weekend’ sound to it. They describe their sound as “frunky”- which I think sums it up perfectly.
They consist of Dani Smith; the leader of the band, Elliot Benjamin; the guitarist, Isaac Watkins; the bassist, Fred Williams; who plays various different instruments including the amazing melodica and Josh Benjamin; the drummer.
Do you have any musical influences?
Dani: “Umm… Yeah, all over the place really; we’re into Reggae, Punk and things like that”
What’s your favourite band at the moment?
Dani + Isaac: “Radio Heads”
How did this gig compare to other gigs you’ve done?
Josh: “I’d say it was our best gig yet!" 
Dani: "We’ve kind of moved away from some of our old stuff”
Did you feel there were any issues with the sound that you need to sort out or was it all pretty good?
Isaac: “I don’t know really- at some points I thought I couldn’t hear myself but apparently I was quite load!” 
Fan/Friend of the band: “All I could hear was the bass at the end of some songs so maybe, yeah.”
Isaac: "Thats all you need to hear!" [of course, you have to say that!]
Looking forward to more events over the course of the year! You boys deffinatly have a new fan!!!
(if you want to check out the band and listen to some tunes, heres their website:

The Signs
Signs are a band put together by the Mixx scheme and have been together since winter 2009. They are an Alternative/ Alternative Rock/ Indie band with a great festival sound. The members consist of Jai New and Emily Walker; both guitarists, Georgia Ellery; lead singer, and Cadan Palfreemen; Drummer. We (my school friends and I) interveiwed Georgia, the lead, after their amazing performance at Eden:
So what influences you as a band?
"Well, many bands. But also, just people really"
Thats very... deep of you.
How did this gig compare to other gigs that you've done?
"It's very nice doing it in an environment like this; makes it all much more relaxed and easier to concentrate on your vocals and general performance"
The Signs-
Georgia, the lead
Jai, the guitarist
Cadan, the drummer
What inspired you to become a band in the first place?
"It was Luke [head of the band Mixx at our school] i suppose. We all turned up for the club and here we are now. He organised everything and I think he made us."
Thankyou for talking to us, you were great today!
Also to conclude, The Signs will not be going their separate ways anytime soon, on the contary to recent rumours, but are taking a break from the band so watch this space; and if you like them then you can look them up on their website:

Gary and the Minefield
Gary and the Minefield had a great Artic Monkeys sound and really created a great 'get-up-and-dance' atmosphere. Based in Penzance, this Indie/Rock band were formed in 2009 and last year performed at the Port Elliot Festival and Party in the Park; which was a great success. They are currently recording their E.P, called 'Many Different Flavours'.
They consist of Jack BK; lead singer and guitarist, James Bolitho; bassist and backing vocalist, Mat Lester; Drummer, and Ronan Hicks; Guitarist. My friend and I got to talk to Jack and Ronan after their set at Eden:-
What bands influence you?
Jack: "Artic Monkeys.... and Franz Ferdinand"
Ahh... You can really notice that in you music.
What did you think of the other bands that played here today?
Jack: "I thought the other bands performing today were very good"
Have you got a particular favourite?
Jack: "Probably Shade of Red [see above] we know them quite well"
They were all very good!
Ronan: "Yes they were all very good"
How did this gig go for you? How did it compare to others?
Ronan: "OK, it was OK"
Jack: "Yeah, it was OK. i mean the venue was brillian but we just went out of tune a bit, i think"
Ronan: "A little bit cold!"
We thought you were good- just like you were in the skeleton suits [reffering to The Ritz gig a few months back]
Jack: "Oh yeah! Oh brilliant, thank you very much"
So any plans for the summer? Any gigs coming up?
Your welcome!
Jack: "Umm, yeah- hopefully Boardmasters [Newquay], Party in the Park, Lafrowda- all of them"
Ronan: "Yes, Lafrowda's really good"
Whats the best gig you've ever done?
Ronan: "Well if we don't say here where in trouble!!"
Jack: "Yeah! [laughs] But Party in the Park was pretty good"
Ronan: "Yeah, Party in the Park was really fun! I think we were the only band in the acoustic tent to have to bring security in!"
Oh wow!
Ronan: "Yeah, we'll take all the credit for that!"
Bit like celebrities already!
Jack: "Well, s'pose!"
Well, cheers for letting us interview you! You were so great today!
Jack + Ronan: "Cheers, and no problem"
Gary and the Minefield have got two gigs coming up in February, see their myspace site ( or join their (or any of the other bands) group on Facebook.


Over all the gig was amazing and such fun! It is a great opportunity for young bands and performers and most importantly, an amazing show for the fans!! Small gigs like this is the best way for unsigned bands to self-promote themselves and hopefully get signed at one point! I'm sure everyone who went will agree it was an amazing experience and just want to say a HUGE thankyou to the bands who put a pause on their hectic preperation to have a chat with me and "the crew"!!


  1. Photographs taken by Amy Rylett!

  2. Ah yes! Indeed they were- I did indicate that on "Sources" but it never shows these things.