Friday, 1 April 2011

Flu Going Round? I've researched ways to avoid it!!

Ok- so everyone knows about the evil Swine Flu that has infected the majority of the world at some point this winter... But this isn't about that- nor the doom and gloom it has brought us all. It's about how to avoid the normal, everyday Cold and Flu's so your life can go on as normal these last few months of winter without feeling like POO! (I may have taken advise from the God that is google!- they are all #linked)

1. Avoid Sugar!- it is proven to weaken or stress your immune sysytem and bacteria thrives on it!!

2. Drink lots of fluids and avoid fizzy drinks and excessive alcohol- This one is pretty obvious, but so many people think they can get away with it but have you ever had what seems to be a week long hangover? Turns out, it's probably a 'come and go' cold you've contracted from where ever you were in your drunken state and the alcohol in your system has just helped it thrive.

3. Vitamin C and D foods and suplements- These Vitamins are great for fighting and preventing colds and flu! Foods such as fish, chestnuts, yogurt, beef liver and egg for Vitamin D and most friuts and veggies such as red peppers, strawberries, oranges, brussle sproats, brocolli, grapefruit.

4. Kissing! - I know this sounds completely ridiculous but it has been proven that kissing strengthens your immune system by the passing of bacteria... Gross explination I know but if it means you can get out there and have fun (not too much mind!) then why not?! However, this doesn't mean you can kiss anyone whether ill or not, I'm sure a un-infected person will benefit you much more!!

Hope you all have a lush Spring with no Flu!

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